Sage 50c Accounts Software Update version 24

Don’t forget if you have a valid Sage subscription or Sage cover contract you are entitled to the new version. (How to download my new version)

Sage 50c Accounts Software Update version 24 goes on general release on Monday 18th September 2017.  As with every year, Sage continue to innovate and update their software and the release of Sage 50c v24 is no different.  There are the normal improvements to the software and ironing out niggles customers have experienced in Version 23.

Sage 50c Accounts v24 New and Improved Functionality

  • Enhanced Bank Feeds
    • v24 introduces data matching rules for its users
      • Create and amend rules
      • View and approve transactions automatically generated based on the user created rules.
  • Hide nominal and bank accounts
    • v24 allows you to hide nominal and bank accounts from list screens and reports.
      • Just as easily as you can make your Customers inactive, v24 now has the option to make your bank accounts and nominal codes inactive which then gives you the option to hide them from view.
  • Go-Cardless integration
    • Sage 50c Accounts Version 24, is now integrated with GoCardless, a direct debit company.  Whilst at the moment BACS and Faster Paying Service payments remain the key method for paying suppliers, it is estimated that the Direct Debit collection for consumer payments will grow 50% by the year 2025 (see report by UK Payment regarding UK payment forecasts and trends).  Accordingly, businesses who collect payments by Direct Debit are already ahead of this curve.  If customers are using the GoCardless platform for these payments, they can now have integration with this system and their Sage 50c Accounts software.
  • Improved payment runs which now exclude direct debit payments
    • v24 draws up the list of cheque and bank transfer payments to be generated by the software, by default suppliers will be excluded and marked to indicate that payments are made by direct debit.

There are two very important HMRC changes heading your way.

In February 2018 HMRC (EDI) Gateway will be decommissioned

Q. What does this mean for me.

A. All versions of Sage Accounts Software prior to v24 will no longer be able to submit your VAT returns direct from your software but instead you will be required to log in to your Government gateway account and type in your figures manually.

Also, have you heard about the Governments plans on Making Tax Digital, if not find out more here.

The latest version of Sage 50c Accounts will be compliant with the new HMRC gateway.  To this end Sage have updated this latest release to ensure that their software is compliant and by using the software users are hopefully eliminating the risk tax miscalculation created by manual input!


Interested in Upgrading/Purchasing?

If you currently are not eligible for an upgrade to Sage 50c v24 and want to know if Sage 50c Accounts is for you, then please see our article:  What is Sage 50c.

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Pensions Regulartor warns of fake exemption certificates for Auto Enrolment

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has issued a warning about fake exemption certificates of Auto Enrolment workplace pension duties. They have advised they are investigating a number of instances of employers being approached by companies offering to sell them  ‘Certificates of Auto Enrolment Exemption’ in relation to workplace pension duties.

These employers have been convinced to purchase documents which the scammers claim exempt the holders from workplace pension duties.  Whilst the charge is small (stated as being £58) for the certificates, they are in fact worthless.  The TPR do not produce nor accept any such documents in respect of automatic enrolment exemption.

Every employer or organisation with at least one employee has automatic enrolment duties.   Duties will range from simply informing the TPR that they do not have any staff that qualify for automatic enrolment up to employers having to enrol some or all of their staff in a workplace pension and make regular contributions.

Whilst there is currently no suggestion from the TPR that employers are buying the fake documents with the intention of committing any offences, they advised that employers who have failed to comply with their duties because they believed the documents purchased would give them an exemption leave themselves open to being fined, and may be committing an offence.

The TPR advise that if you or your company are offered the chance to buy a certificate of exemption or any similar sounding document please decline the offer and advise The Pensions Regulator (TPR).

If you’re unsure of your duties as an employer please visit the TPR’s Duties Checker where they will advise you if your requirements.

To read the full article by Pensions Regulator please visit their site here.

Sage accounts crashing when exporting reports to Outlook

Many of our customers have contacted us over the last month regarding issues exporting reports to Outlook, using Office 365.

When they were attempting to export a report (for example invoices) they were receiving messages such as ‘SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working’ or Sage was just closing when emailing reports and layouts.

Check your version and email settings

  1. In Sage Accounts, click Help, then click About and note your software version number.
  2. Preview any report or layout where this problem has been seen.
  3. Click Printer Offsets, click Email Setup then choose Microsoft Outlook as the Default Provider and select the check-box.
  4. Click OK, then close the Preview window.

If you’re unsure about any of these instructions you can view this video created by Sage showing you how to check the settings first.  Please note this video has no sound.

Check your email defaults

  1. Click Settings and click Email Defaults, then click the Email Client tab.
  2. From the drop down list, ensure Microsoft Office Outlook is selected, click Apply.
  3. Select the layouts you send by email, then click OK and click OK again.

Please note:  This video has no sound.

Finally, you will need to download an update

  1. To do this, please right click the update for the version you noted in step 1, then click Save link as or Save target as and save the file to your Windows desktop.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file, then click Run.
  3. Run your report or produce your layout as normal. If you are prompted by your antivirus software, click Allow.
  4. If you use the Quick Email option, you need to refresh your layouts now. Click Settings, click Invoice & Order Defaults, then click the Email tab and browse to the required layouts, then click OK.
  5. If the issue still occurs, reboot your computer and run your report or layout again.

If after installing the update you receive any of these errors:   ‘Unable to send all emails’, ‘Generic COM Error’ or ‘Failed to output…’ please refer to these further instructions as issued by Sage as these errors indicate an unrelated issue.